Monday, February 9, 2009

Dancers at the "ball" of MS, or 4th step

The continued separation of medicine is for politico-economic purposes only.
Without division there are greater possibilities for exchange of information.
This is particularly true for the kidney and the cardiovascular system. Due to their similar embryonic origin, studies involving glomerulonephritis invariably involve explanations of carditis. Since cardiologists do not seek after new treatments in the
nephrology field and vice versa there may be discoveries of sorts that are not being shared between the fields. There certainly has not been an economic stimulus to combine
departments at any medical schools that I know of. This would result in diminished
research funding and invasion of territory. There classically has been a competition
between the two fields and for one to be a cardiologist-nephrologist. Only a medical INFORMATICS department could have sway at collaborative studies in newly discovered information relative to cytokines and inflammatory causes of disease.

I realize this as I read articles form 2003 relative to the kidney that have similar pathologies in Multiple Scleorsis.

Here are the Players IL18, NK cells, HuR, MMP-9 ,TNF, IL1 cleaving

By studying one you solve the problem for 2. Lets block receptors of cytokines, prevent pro-enzyme activation, check our diet, drink water and figure this thing out. If your son had MS you would!

Nevertheless check this out

There is gold in them thar hills ( of nephrology), which will help us understand all disease.

You will love Advanced Medical Informatics Education (AMIE) and me too before it is all over, for the cures that it will bring your children and grandchildren! It may not be too late for your mental disease of evil. It is inflammatory and requires an antiinflammant treatment
( Anti Th1 )

Remember the all your fairy tales that your dad to told you? The stories?

If not we still love you but you need to read and act on the 4th step in 12/12 and do 1John 1:9 and repent while you have time, so you can begin to love yourself! PS do 1-3 then 5-12 thereafter

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