Tuesday, February 17, 2009

On Creativity

Spirit Soul Body = Man. Thank you Mrs. Gilbert for your good food for thought. You have set me on a goal to prove that the creative genius (spiritual) should be sought and encouraged at the elementary level. The crying out if you will of the "creator" is purely due lack of a SECOND similar to Robert' Rules. This leads to anxiety and death prematurely which is in fact the competitors’ idea . This is the case in a competitive environment or culture which promotes the death of the genius. You actually have motive and opportunity here for the Spiritual vs. existential (soul) self to lose from a spiritual standpoint. The instinctual drive sabotages the Spiritual self. Thanks go out to TED for promoting creativity and diminishing the statistical likelihood of the aforementioned. The first law given was to be Fruitful (creative) Multiply FILL, and Subdue. Yet we get it backwards by being subdued by things, emptying our hope to faith to love fruitfulness.

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