Tuesday, February 3, 2009

This will be an unofficial announcement pertaining to anyone who personally or who has a relative who is dying from cancer. There is just one culprit involved……Tumor Necrosis Factor-Alpha. As in the case of the death in toxic shock syndrome the end is shock or cardiovascular collapse. This occurs as a consequence of diminished volume, oncotic pressure (albumin) or pump failure. The greater the chronicity, the greater the loss of albumin,and cardiovascular integrity due to diminished mitochondrial to intercellular functioning.The body in its preferential assimilation of essential amino acids to synthesize TNF literally digests other non-tumor protein sources within the body. The tumor literally digests other parts of the body in an “intelligent” survival of the fittest as it almost instinctively turns off the feedback inhibition of the production of TNF.How does it do this? From studies on the over production of mesangium within the kidney we have learned that HuR blocks the normal deterioration of the mMRNA responsible for making various proteins. ( Ethanol promotes HuR attachment to the mRNA of TNF . Yet NO diminishes the mRNA.)The normal diminution of TNF by IL6 for example, is prevented by increasing its production at the posttranscriptional level.Nevertheless there is an obligatory receptor necessary for TNF’s action. Without it there is no TNF action at the genome level. Blocking the receptor allows for blockage of action. The monoclonal antibody to TNF receptor is available now.

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