Monday, February 23, 2009

Life is measured contingent upon Brain wave activity

My optimism in the US and in the world is based on the hope which I see on the social network scene.

The aps etc are tremendous Thank you for the INTERNATIONAL attention
to this blog. We are receiving international attention. You tell me you like by
leaving a trace at looking at it. We need a better way to moderate though. Give me some suggestions. What do you want to know or read nd do not have access to it free.

It gives me a good idea that many follow us for different activities. Is that not what we use our Brain for? I would like to invite anyone to e-mail me at What this will do is determine whether you would like Brain Activity in
Timbuktu or
Nepal or Australia or

A special shout out to the Prime Minister of England who took the time to shout out.

I will be contacting the President soon with this network

We can translate what you think to English . It is also will be important to flip it as news and get your voice broadcast by MP3 and on 100,000 watts here in Houston Tx. I love all my SOCIAL NETWORK. Thank God for GOD, , Jazz, salsa, rock and roll, BLUEGRASS and GOOGLE for making a way out of no way.We can all get along and not only co-exist but help each other.

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