Monday, February 9, 2009

The Word of God + history. Thank God for HIS Story in His WORD

In the process of Spiritual maturity it is contingent upon the practitioner to exercise a degree of love , patience, and endurance of pain until their less spiritually mature “subject” if you will comes to their senses and hopefully snaps out of their insanity of thinking that entitlement is greater than anointing . Toward the reality of recognition of the inferiority complex set up by the lust of the eye , and from from the lust of the eye “seeing” themselves as entitled to world recognition. Let us all face the reality of the foolishness of Cain.

In bringing Black people to America there was a greedy pre-Industrial Revolution America psyche that looked upon Black people as Stock that could be traded as property in a market. This was regardless of age, and in fact, more aged less Corporate Social Capital worth. This was the original stock with cattle and sheep and goats traded as “Stock” in the Market. After this Blacks were looked upon in reconstruction as those who could drive the cost of labor down, never for skilled labor or for intellect or wisdom. The Industrialized South and North did not want to stop their inhumanity probably as a disease state of racism because of their greed and immense profits obtained from free and or cheap labor. There was resentment set up from an attitude of “if you cant work for free do not come asking from me.” This is what a NIGGER is. Someone demanding payment for services formerly given for free . Someone who asks to be treated fairly. We call it prostitution if sex is involved and they get paid, due to fear of revelation. On the contrary there is no fear of revelation relative to Black labor. It has not been and is not paid, on the intellectual, manual, musical, or any level.

The chances are even less now post bank bailout for equalization. The same greed for profit goes on in many churches today who do not evangelize the Good News. Nevertheless they set up “Catch 22” social club and fostering co-dependence, only initiate guilt by preaching tithing, while doing very little for the poor and destitute. When the “member “ of the church “social club” falters due to job loss or fall from political favor not being able to “pay their dues”, they are sent to the wolves. Thank God for Jesus dying for us. Thank God for faith. Thank God for LIGHT.

To complicate things Black people have been bought into the lie of white beauty superiority. We have writers such as Fanon and Frazier who addressed these problems in their books Black Skin White Masks and Black Bourgoisie. Neither spared any side and in fact E. Franklin Frazier accused the “talented tenth” of gross social malpractice for imitating gangsters. He also followed the monetary corporate control of Historically Black schools, No names need be mentioned of those who got indoctrinated instead of educated to be just as corporate, and greedy as their former slave masters and in a Get HAZED the HAZE mentality they treat their customers, clients, and in some cases parishioners as objects to abuse attempting to coerce them into “ appropriate” behavior. This is what allows the oppressed to oppress with lucid and sexual lyrics for profit .What ends up happening is a class of people without vision following emotional cathexes . They who are dependent and disenfranchised or so because of their appearance and inaccessibility to education, and knowledge of business, the arts, science and God centered Spirituality of relationship with Jesus Christ as opposed to man centered Religion. Thank God for the Word of God that does not change and can transform.

Thank God for the internet and for Churches that are non-denominational . These three
components give hope to teachers who want to give their wisdom and to the dysenfranchized individuals who would like to be a big brother for free to those who need it within the church and on the internet. They give hope to doctors who are
kicked giving care to the poor who now have hope to deal with the hopeless with the help of His Holy Spirit

Thank God for the education of the internet and the offer of Spirituality from the churches such as Lakewood and for His WORD which never changes. They take the L out of world namely the Lies of the World including Black inferiority. The Result is HIS WORD.

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