Saturday, February 21, 2009

Aborigne Hunter progeny as root of problem carrying message of satan - Divide Conquer then Death

Plagiarist that I am not, there is fear and not love that gets stirred up in my heart when I am called that. Nevertheless I thank Peter for calling me or someone that name on Twitter the other day. . It is for him that I will write more and copy and paste less on this blog. Yet I am reminded to Fret not in Psalm 37. First of all many of you linguistic giants out there may think it was a misspelling (in corp PRORATE), and actually it was at first until I realized the Holy –Spirit was in it (he is not a ghost dying and having come back or is HE?)
It implies an in body cooperation as opposed to a lack thereof. Is this not what we are dealing with in this mess we are in in the USA. It antidates a corporate swindle , as did the attempt to privatize our Social Security fund. If our GNP and balance of trade is out of business and we make things that will be of no use (ie Hummers). It antidates our idolatry and lack of true worship of God. It antidates those who say things will be alright without a message of repentance.
Yet gadgets are still selling. Those who do not take care of the poor in the Houston Medical Center have wiggled their way to get welfare in the billions. through legal (not bright and not washed ) and lobbyist pressure. Those who did not vote democratic until the bottom fell out of the economy in the North and their sons were being sent to a War . Those who believe it was OBAMA who singularly wrote the bills and can cure the ills of 20 years before.. All that is “monkey business”. The elder more mature mental process police should kill that idea which it represents.
“If my people who are called by my name will repent and turn then I will hear from heaven and heal the land.
Black folks should not claim a right to their ancestral suffering and hate non-Blacks, but claim Grace of God now. It was the prayers in Jesus name of our ancestors that got us through this far, why change horses to imitate and cathex ? Obviously we have our hands in the lions mouth even with OBAMA elected, in these last days still whether you know it or not. We war not against flesh and blood anyway. Save your water and stock up on storm rations including Cup of Soups. Spend less on the frivolus. Give more to the churches preaching the Word with plans for catastrophe while waitin’ on Jesus to come back. We can do better at using what we have left and start building now from whatever resources we have now instead of running after a materialist existential idolatry for temporary “ feel goods”. Neither should those of any other race point their fingers in racism at our current condition, due to a myriad of post-Adamic instinctual drives that they are getting away with. We are all human.
What does move me to tears are the foreigners (especially those whose ancestors hunted aborigines ) who have been allowed to buy media in our country by sell-outs as “one of us” only to practice Machiavelian actions of satan in the USA. Some of this is evidenced in the fall of the Stock Market which should have been reported by the Wall Street Journal before it happened. The sale of the Journal and the cartoon were acts of treason, espionage and terrorism in my opinion. The next were editorials depicting our democratically elected president as an animal killed by police. This is exactly what is promoted in the Turner Diaries and has resulted in many acts in our history beside that in Oklahoma City at the Morrow Federal building.
It is good from the standpoint of expression of a common opinion “If you can not control it destroy it.”
Beside that the motive has already been set forth . … write me to find out what the motive is. You better begin to ask the Holy Spirit to strengthen you to faint and fret not

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