Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cancer, MS LUPUS cures. Where are they?


First of all MMP-9 as an enzyme has a normal function of remodeling the extracellular matrix. Without them as animal fat digestors the lack of remodeling probably would kill us by 22, and
we would die of heart attacks blind with renal failure. Talk about the metabolic syndrome! I wonder how much longer could we live sans exposure to animal fat.

Yu and Stamenkovicin 1999 were the first that I could find that associated the lack of inhibition of one of the most virulent cancer metastasis producers (MMP-9) to something outside of the molecule itself. In fact they surmised that the activity of the metaloproteinase was directly related to the physical restriction of an external cell receptor on the cell surface . It was they who surmised that the part of the iceburg that was necessary extended from the cell for the 'activation' if you will of the collagenase (MMP-9). This iceberg is a receptor for hyaluronan and docks the activated MMP-9 to do its thing. It is called CD44

We have discussed the role of HuR clinging in essential internal mRNA prolongation of 1/2 life. With these two substances so well researched 10 years ago you would think that the major cancer researchers especially in _____ would have cures related to them by now saving more lives. Yet they receive billions in federal kickback stimulation funds to continue restricting care to the indigent, especially the Black male. I call that indirect US paid genocide for hire. The legal profession is responsible for this as well as the legalized environmental racism which exposes poorer communities to known environmental toxins.

This will serve as the offical site of Advanced Medical Informatics Education. Our site is down
and we need to pay them. I will not be able to get a comparison to our old data but thank God we still have access to the net at least up until now. You can do the analytics now after I go on my forced no-internet sabatical on the 17th . There may be someone to take over the site. Let us hope so. Just compare MMP-9 to things that stop it and things that do not. There probable is a root in India , Africa or Brazil that can put it in check. Let us look for it.

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