Saturday, January 24, 2009

We have discussed with you earlier in our blog that cytokines and their Inflammatory Cycle were critical to all disease processes. We have since gotten more specific and have shown that MMP-9 in particular is tantamount to the dysfunction of the cell in cancer and multiple sclerosis in its "re-modeling gone mad" natural function akin to a rapist.
This article breakdown will discuss a skin disease and its treatment with photo-chemotherapy and the invasion of MMP-2. It appears that the MMP-2 serves in a regulatory type function to restore the normalcy to the melanocyte along with alpha MSH. This may explain the effect of the heat therapy efficacy in Metastatic Pancreatic Cancer, as well as the diminution of the digestion of self with MMP-9 fueled by TNF-alpha. The mAb (monoclonal antibody) directed at the TNF-alpha receptor, would appear to be the safest emergency therapy outside of supportive care for the wasting syndrome. This treatment is used now in septic shock.
Other enhacers of MMP-9 to be investigated for their potential in treatment include:
1.HuR (ELAV) blockers
2. Nitrous Oxide and its enzyme iNOS inhancemnet
3. Reduction of tumor load
4. MMP-1, MMP-2,MMP-13
5. Diminution in the oxidized state

I will give more as time allows

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