Monday, January 26, 2009

Mission Possible

Do you love yourself, neighbor and God? Let me see the car you are driving. Can you pick up some homeless? Or are you failing at the Mission Impossible?

I need to start writing this in Microsoft “Word” about the WORD of God that
came to me today. Namely that our love of ourselves is displayed on our
shoulder as a chip or as a book or as a garment while in a house or car.. Do you think of yourself as through someone else’s eyes. Well the people of Isreal did as they went through the wilderness on their way in to the promised land. This kept out of the promised land a whole generation that never got to know or love themselves.. It was a sin against GOD. Is the church doing this today? I used to.

You know what God is telling us. Love yourself, Do not even see yourself through your mother’s eyes. She may be wrong if she does not define you Biblically. She may not know you because you are not what she defined you as, namely as a provider should her husband die. It is a little secret nestled in the book of NUMBERS chapter 13 verse 3. .
“ And as grasshoppers in our eyes we were” is a quote from Numbers 13:33 In our eyes is the Hebrew word ayin ( 5869 ) . prim word an eye, a fountain, affliction, outward appearnce+ before+ think + best + colour + conceit
+be content, coutenance + displease

This is the double or triple wammy of slaves who were caught up with black skin and white masks as Frantz Fanon put it. We saw it wrong to want to vote, be free to be different to do pain management , to help the poor. To actualize as children of God, saved and sanctified, WITH NO RESOURCES as US citizens who were of African ancestry, and to just be human beings has been a difficult task in this country who defined us as free labor and as rebellious against wanting to work for free. It was an impossible dream and MISSION IMPOSSIBLE without God’s unchanging hand of power.
The book of first John tells us to not love the world, part of which is defined as the lust of the eye. I have always taught this wrong as a sort of “window shopping”. I was corrected this AM about 0400. He also tells us to stay clear of the lust of the flesh (sex outside of marriage) and the pride of life (selfishness)

This is what Obama has had to negotiate through his childhood to becoming the President of the United States of America This is what you must do as a leader, child, mother or father to begin to love yourself and know yourself not as another defines you for their good, but to know yourself as God knows your mind, heart and essential rebellious will.

To love yourself as He loves you. Not to define yourself by what you have but by what you do for someone else in your profession and ministry. Hopefully you are at a church that teaches the freedom of Spiritual in relationship not religion. The need for a personal relationship with Jesus Christ can be obtained after salvation by ASKING THE HOLY SPIRIT TO RECOGNIZE AND EMPOWER YOU IN LOVE as well as the need for the recognition, and development of ALL of the SPIRITUAL GIFTS THROUGH THE FRUIT OF LOVE.

I may be on a limb but this is the only way that I have been able ever to fulfill the ONE commandment that HE gives which is to love. I did it by imitating my Father on earth at first. Now since his death I can only know/love the Father in Heaven through the Son by reading His Word and asking the Holy Spirt to EMPOWER ME to hear and do His Word.

I have for 55 years kept the Holy Spirit at bay unemployed. Are you doing the same thing? Otherwise we will forget who we are once we have seen through a glass darkly once we leave the mirror after fixing our new way of wearing our hair (James 1 and I Corinthians 13). All love shows commitment and wisdom especially to self according to Scott M Peck MD. Do you love yourself?

Yes the purpose of ministry is to serve and give one the purpose that God has ordained you to be able to live for. Breathe Him in. He gave you the breath and the life of today to do His will which is to love (know/perceive ) yourself, love others as He perceives them, and then in obedience love Him by loving yourself and loving others!
Let us start from the bottom up, not what we consider the top down (self to others) squeezing God out!

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