Monday, January 12, 2009, Music Music Music and Medical Informatics

1.What are MMPs?
( formerly collagenases , have Zinc inside, Involved in atherosclerotic process, MS, Renal Disease. Turned on by TNF, IL1 and maintained by HuR. Turned off by TGF –beta, all of which are cytokines All this came from AMIE)

2.What is AMIE
(AN Invented software called Advanced Medical Informatics )
This allowed the development of the Cytokine Cycle and a way to prove its
existence from existing Index Medicus Data

3.How long have you been working on this cytokine cycle?
(since 1972 doing first
experiments with Peter and Professor Noteboom at the University of Missouri on RBCs receptors and Methadone, then with Professor Hirschburg at St. Louis University School of Medicine working on Gycoproteins and as their contribution to Cell Receptors.. I have had friends and patients die of MS and I was taught by any means necessary ( El Haj Malik). Nevertheless , I got distracted in Houston. Divorce/picking wrong mates, and people to assciate with. Not to say I am better. Due to identifying myself as hyperactive and trying to self treat it with Drugs and Alcohol . In ostracizing myself from my enemy ( no money) , the invention of AMIE has gained new life
Thank God for my sponsors including federal supervisors for the Federal Government. I took steps to stop and this is what got me back seriously on track. This is my story I am sticking to it but this is not about me. It is about an explanation of disease including psychiatric FROM ITS INFLAMMATORY PERSPECTIVE) IT IS POSSIBLE TO EXPLAIN EVIL AS AN ALLERGIC CONSEQUENCE OF SOMETHING INGESTED. I will be working with Dr. Sunshine on this as well as fasting as treatment in the future if God says the same

Discuss the Cytokine cycle and Th1 Th2 system as it articulates with MMP
(No different than Glycolytic, TCA, UREA cycles and respiratory chain There is a TH1,TH2 split so to speak It appears that unchecked TH1 cytokines called inflammatory IL1, TNF IL6 become unchecked and stimulate mRna of MMPs. IL1 recruits a stabilizing factor named HuR)

5. Why are MMPs important?

(PROTEAN MANIFESTATIONS- Nerve sheath ingestion of fast nerve axons-MS, Cancer Spread/basement membrane, atherosclerosis remodeling, arthritis, stokes, coagulation disorders, PEs)

6. Where do they work? Are there Good ones/bad ones?

(extracelular space, between cells on proteins to break them down. Yes as in the case of MMP 3,9 being involved in remodeling of atherosclerotic plaque)

7. What is the take home message?
An ounce of prevention
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If you can not beat em do not lick em or you may catch something or get your a-- beat.

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