Friday, January 23, 2009

Disease viewed as Intelligent?

Well again its Santa in late January. What I give you today is what I get. I
had assumed that a cell that is cancerous is intelligent. It was merely a guess that the
complexity of a cancerous cell’s metastasis or physiologic dysfunction such as the wasting syndrome or the disruption of the myelin sheath seen in Multiple Sclerosis,
with subsequent blurred vision, was a part of a grand theme. It was a conspiracy of sorts. It is one of the enemies' tools, namely to use self against the Spiritual Man.

It was not until I saw an article on Anthrax and its common ground of a LETHAL FACTOR in a metaloproteinase that I realized that I had hit pay dirt.. The field of microbiology is repleat with proof of this “intelligence”. Until we view the cancer as an intelligent “being “ of sorts we will lose the war on cancer. I will give you more as I get it.

This is why faith is important, because the wisdom of this "world" (its system, and tangible aspects) is foolishhness to God , the weak things of man are where God is strong and the unseen things are those things that will last and supercede the things seen in the empiric world. God has allowed the princes of the world to have their say and do their thing in order to allow for grace.

Have you read your Word today? Put on your whole armor and pray!

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