Saturday, December 20, 2008

War on Drugs = Class Genocide Against itsself consistent with the Willie Lynch letter

The War on Drugs stated simply was the Nixon administration’s attempt to committ genocide on people of color by people of color from Judges down to the low level dealer. It involves a denigration/criminalization process through a media that is bought and the pirating of properties by those in control. I t is led by Democrats as well as Republicans to maintain control. From Rangel to Strom Thurmond.
Unfortunately the religious leaders sit back and take the donations, then turn their back on the concubine mentioned in Judges 19. She is cut up and passed out as ” pieces” to the IRS, FBI, FDA and other federal agency tribal corporate leaders (thanks to Rev. Jeremiah Wright 12:30 sermon Wheeler Ave Baptist Church. Please e-mail for date of sermon).
I am one of those concubines, cut up like OSIRIS. Yet by the power of faith I am able to tell you this story in an upcoming musical/drama.comedy to star Beyonce Knowles “What’s Really Going On?”. (She does not even know about it yet unless she reads this post. ) I like her acting and singing (see the movie Cadillac Records)
Maybe if you see my true story of victory over the enemy you will know what could or is happening to you. Get cocaine out of our community and those who sell it. You are participating in genocide. All else can be treated including alcohol with 12 steps starting with the first.

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