Tuesday, December 23, 2008

FDA Conspiracy

Unfortunately all news from the front of infomatic investigation is not good. In fact the
it appears that some of the "science" of cancer immunology was put on the back-burner to
favor the prioritization of cancer cures with anti-angiogenic and genomic centers of explanation. This was obviously a media-medical's corporate attempt to push "sold out research" on the ignorant of immunology medical and lay community. They really do this bad in Indonesia, with the fetus research. Its easy to throw money at what you want to hear-bad science by previously good scientists, when there is no way to immediately know that their data is erroneous.

Yet without starting with the normal cell and its Cytokine Cycle, similar to the established biochemical glycolytic/Krebs /respiratory/and Urea cycles, the eggheads will crack just that; nothing but their heads. Any research into anti-angiogenesis and genomic studies (already paid for with government money) are merely Ponzi and get rich schemes by non-MD researchers (or sold/ bouught-out researchers. I wonder what they are teaching at the local medical schools with respect to a Cytokine Cycle. We have it for all of the patients of the NORTH MEDICAL CENTER and all of those who ask.

I saw with my own eyes in the 90s and experienced the sold out FDA , pressure certain medical doctors who had the cures for brain cancer , with the Texas Board of Medical of Medical Examiners and the Justice Department standing by with more punishment. This did nothing but prevent the cures from coming to the diseases that their own mothers and fathers and cousins were dying from. Now its about a racket/ scheme to block the science already paid for by the US, from getting to the public and falsifying data to favor anti-angiogenic and human genomic based therapies which will be billed again to the US, and private insurance companies. Its an old game of overcapitalization, of a worthless company selling a worthless product. When they try to sell bad data as a good product it is fraud and extortion and limitation of trade.

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