Friday, December 26, 2008


Thirty years of original data
By the Spirit of the one true living God. The pic you see above has been augmented to include ALL DISEASE under this paradigm. We are currently investigating Autoimmune Disease and Cancer in earnest. The latter involves the details of granuloma formation and toleance with the cytokines IL10 and TGF-beta.
I tried to get it to a point to save more lives, but due to the attacks on me personally, the efforts have stalled then sputtered. Pray saints. I apologize for the haters. Yet it is because of them that I have a renewed zeal to get more people cured, treated for the possibility of abundant and
everlasting life. Either the manipulation of hormonal/cytokine action, its receptor, genetics, identification of carcinogen or elimination of carcinogen will save more lives.

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