Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A call to arms

The Lord Jesus is so good having given me a Spiritual gift a teaching and a tool to teach with AMIE, Advanced Medical InformaticsIntelligence Education. This is also affording me to
represent people of color and those without with the gift of knowledge

I have been placed in this favored status due to the actions of my enemy in having me ostracised. I coud not let the world go, so I thank my enemy for forcing me to reconsider my favored status, inventions, talents ect given to share with the world.

Please note that we will have a cure to all the diseases within 3 years (2012) we know today by considering our Cascade of Inflammation invented in 1990, revealing the differences in TH1,Th2 physiology. That will be done with no help from anyone. My life will be dedicated to the cure of HIV,cancer, TB, autoimmune disease and metabolic disease which willall be explained by illucidating the differences aforementioned.

I am asking for any reference from anyone to prove and or disprove the central tenets that
all disease involves inflammatory consequence and sequelae (even Genetic). The tantamount espression of pathology within those inflammatory parameters involves granulomatous/IL10 pathophysiology.
My proposal has to do with IL10 receptor development that will soak up all IL10
produced by the tumor themselves. I do not know at this time the best way for it to be given. It must be given in conjunction with blockade at the genome level of IL10 production. In addition
IL10 receptor blockers must be given and precursors.

Thank you

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