Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Present: Pathophysiology of TGF-beta /Explanation for Cancer and Autoimmune dis-Ease

The cure for some of the most enigmatic diseases centers around the pathophysiology of this hormone. In particular the understanding of granuloma pathophysiology and its association with cancer will unlock the key to pre metastatic disease recognition and treatment. Post metastatic disease will be best treated with anti-angiogenic mechanisms and conventional chemotherapeutic mechanisms for shorter periods.

Direct to tumor intraoperative therapies with intense allergenic stimuli (possibly sterilized RDs) associated with local corticosteroid therapy to the main tumor masses (liver/lung)
will lead to greater longevities and cures. This will reverse the nonfuctional tolerance associated with cancer metastasis. In addition intraoperative and impanted antineoplastins will lead to greater cures when followed up by better oral treatments. The availability of TNF-alpha free receptor will also ablate the general cathexis induced by TNF.

Stay tuned this data is hot off the press and I will follow for anyone especially the patients of North Medical Center the advancements that have been recognized by Advanced Medical Informatics Education. It will even be made available to Ray Taylor and all those who have played a part in shutting down the NORTH MEDICAL CENTER. by lying and not revealing evidence that would exonerate its doctor. I pray for them also.

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