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Dichotomy of Divorce

I thank God for my education as I read from a lost book found by my sister . In the interim my historical Black world education comes from the reading this lost book Black Bourgoisie On the other hand my historical education of the White world comes from reading Joseph Kennedy the Hollywood Years.

Both books give insights as to the present state of the speculative economies’ floundering , poor GNP , and even worst balance of trade. Both give points into the common ground of pursuit of happiness. Namely without a husband and wife team there is no progress in the world and a deferred happiness There is no progress or advancement of the family, the children or the community for that matter. The first blessing/commandment given to them could not be fulfilled.

28And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it

There is also less chance of love multiplying as was the case in the Kennedy’s though Teddy.

There is much to be said in this historical comparison. Only the HPL and Sis can be complained to for offering me a lost and then borrowed resource in these two books.

The most salient point made by the former is the switch from Missionary to Black Middle Class led teaching in the north and the newly industrialized south of the early 1900’s. The emphasis on making spiritual men as was the goal of the missionaries, was put on the backburner. There was an infusion of Word study and hope in the elevation of the poor Negro and of love that resulted.

Both Black men and women had a trilogy of a trivial pursuit that was a travail and served as a basis of creating unevenly yoked marriages . 1. Spiritual development was developmental from a Protestant sense in going from band meetings of the early 1800s to churches that were dependent upon a patriarchal system of pastors. Both rural and urban pastors were emphasized as opposed to a dependence upon Spiritual Gift administration and Holy Spirit administration and empowerment. This may have been practiced in the rural South in some cases. Nevertheless for the most part there was no strong initiative to involve Black men nor desire on their part to leave the existential reality of “making a living” for the family 2. The desire to imitate the majority culture 3. The desire to obtain material wealth as a sign of freedom. To be free appeared to be associated with material possessions and a Caucasian standard of beauty. One falicy went with the other with little Spritual direction, and their pursuit became a means and an ends in marriage. To have material trappings after conspicuous consumption was the goal of "making it". Both provided a James 4:1 nidus of contention between husband wife and their goals of family. Both provided a basis for developing consumers instead of producers.
There was a disappearance in of missionary led education. In the early 1900’s there was a demand for black self-management of education and less mandatory Word Study and prayer integration in education. There appeared to be a progressive dilution and diminution in the quality of the education provided to the masses of Negroes in many cases , due to the diminution in the quality of the teachers who were more concerned about pursuing the trappings of society, according to E. Franklin Frazier, than the content of the lesson plan. As a one of the results, an individualism and “Black Skin White Mask” envy was set up which thwarted true progress in love of lower castes and of self. Love of anything but self was difficult. There was a move for industrial education set up by Booker T Washington with less threat being fostered of creating skilled labor Blacks to compete in the Industrialization of the South. This was particularly true of the textile industry. There were numerous grants and funds that were funneled to Booker T. Washington to continue this mandate by corporate America.
There was more control exercised in corporate funding to various Black colleges . This power was also maintained by the political machine of any given city to create a certain Black man that would not be a threat.
On the other hand, although born to well to do parents Joseph Kennedy was molded by the discrimination against his Irish-Catholic ancestry in America. His grandfather Patrick came on an ocean liner not on a typical immigrant ship from Ireland with the dying after the 2nd potato blight of 1848.(As El Hay Malik said” landing on the rock as opposed to the rock landing on them) His father Patrick Joseph became a state legislator. His mother was from a well-to-do family. Joseph had opportunities that were made being in the majority culture, but on the other hand a strong Irish culture gave him a focus of love for past ancestry and future entitlements. His ancestry got him a job as bank examiner. His education was outstanding and he became an early leader and entrepreneur before graduating from Harvard. He was discriminated against by the upper crust protestants at Harvard and as RM Nixon felt himself to be an outsider. This fueled his drive. Think about it Blacks could not even vote for legislator let alone run for it.
Yet with all his drive, ambition, breaks and background he was nothing without his long betrothed wife Rose (JKF’s mother). This woman having been a mayor’s daughter would accept nothing less than the best. In essence she was the Garden of Eden Eve to an Adam who would not be offered the forbidden fruit by her. She became the Spiritual
Pillar and cornerstone together for the Kennedy family. Both had the common goal of family and growth. (multiplication/filling/ dominating) From there it was a collective study. Individual self-drive with family backing forged the family unit ahead to master the art of banking and bank examining, movie production, corporate OPM management, family education then political power. Joseph as head became concerned with multiplication of assets to obtain true wealth and then obtained political power to maintain them. A master of the world was born as a family unit. There were no divorces or financial detractions, or distractions in his progressive worldly success movement. He dealt with enemies in his own way with organized- crime ties and was known to be anti-semetic. He had no desire to become Protestant , Jewish or anything but Irish and powerful. The rest would follow.

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