Saturday, March 7, 2009

AMIE still functioning without data base open. There is Hope

BBC you are behind me in time that is to present the cause of how cancer spreads. We reported the collagenase MMP9 was responsible. This is a Zinc dependent collagenase that acts on a receptor whose activity is accelerated and diminished by various cytokines . It was also stated as being responsible for Lupus, and MS
MMP9 was reported in our blog post over 60 days ago from old research (1991)to be the
cause of cancer growth and metastasis. There is nothing new under the sun. This certainly is not new but borrowed and flipped information. Actually to find a company to research this would the good to come out of it.The current cancer treatment methods including radiation and chemotherapy are afraid of losing market share and their political posistion in the Obama campain. Think about what new treatments could do to the pharm industry and their stocks. We post this information not to expect a massive stock sell-off but to give the poor, the noninsured hope.
You can not get into the cancer hospitals without 1. insurance that is good and 2. a diagnosis

Immunologic means of treatment as well as prevention should cure and prevent cancer deaths by as early as 5 years. The people will demand an end to unnecessasry cutting fying and poisoning especially if it is overpriced meanwhile .

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