Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Connect THESE dots! Language of a knowledgeable taker

Yes you see the dots.

Language of a taker . IT does not take an MBA to figure this one out. Everyone is taking and shorting . There is no investing, which is what the market is for. This is why Warren Buffet said what he said about the cliff. How can a bank invest with this game going on.
I am going to buy some more X. This is an option now with an unusually big time decay. Buying some Y may be good also. Looks and smells like a toilet flushable. I really like shorting G . My broker does not have G to trade over the web. This rally is staying above fear with no faith and people are not trusting in an upturn. Is this fuel for fire? Too many are looking for a capitulation within the market ! There is evidence of a strong reversal. Many are looking for a lot of downside, very few people are looking for a slow silent move upward. There is a huge after hours selling. This indicates that tomorrow's open is going to be ugly and another toilet flush.

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