Thursday, March 5, 2009


What it IS:
Social Media Marketing is a concept that goes way back to the days when Pops ran the General Store and new all of his customers by name, knew their needs and preferences and could recommend products to them that he knew would help them.
That is the intent at the heart of SMM -
* initiating and building genuine relationships
* adding value to real conversations (without marketing)
* establishing communities
* engaging an audience by telling stories that connect with people in real ways
* getting to know your customer well before recommending anything to them
* treating your potential customer or client like a real friend and treating your virtual and online friends and their profile/s with the same respect you would a ‘real’ friend
* recommend products or services that you know would help them in some way

My comment to article

Thank you

I was wondering why I was not building as fast as I thought. To be more social is the key.

YOUR share and enjoy needs to be lighter especially for you to be more social
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