Thursday, July 17, 2008

You need to quick read this

REVIEW: How Adult Stem Cell Therapies SAVED MY LIFE

BY Bernard van Zyl

Course of His knowldege acquisition

1. Symptoms of a cold

2. Rx with cold medicine

3. MI-arrest

4. Bypass

5. Rx with meds and EECP . Success for 1 year

6. Transplant option reject TOO OLD

7. Search for alternative

8. Found Doctor KK Poh of Boston and entered into trial as control

9. Neupogen allowed for 5% increase in heart function by EF only due to unharvested cell migration to areas of dead heart muscle

10. Eventually given reinjection of his own cells -improvement so far

MORALE TO THE STORY For all of my patients do two days a week on vegetables only, take Lipid reducing meds, get exercise and take CKLS. You may avoid, transplantation, Stem cell therapy , the first MI, Cancer, and save a bunch of time and money. take care of that temple!

.......Especially the ticker

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