Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Due to the fact that some of the first shall be last acording to my last hearing of Jesus Words gives me comfort because I have been on both sides of the fence. Last Chaotic Christian vs first Organized OCS. This may help somewhere in the middle to keep me from looking too much as an idiot and you who are still teachable.

Czar’s Pocket-sized Moleskine GTD System. Relatively simple, particularly when compared to the GTD philosophy as a whole. All you need are sticky tabs, a ruler and a pen.
Gaz’s Moleskine Diary System. I have enough trouble keeping the tumbleweed blowing around my Gmail inbox, so I’d hesitate to add another inbox to my Moleskine. However, GTD fans may relish the opportunity!
gtdfrk’s Pocket Moleskine GTD Infobook System. Makes use of fancy cut-outs and labels instead of sticky notes.

Jeremy’s Multi-tab GTD System. Like every other GTD system, except with more tabs. Useful if you find the five-tab GTD standard too limiting.
GTD Moleskine System for Students. C. Daniel Wess shares his Moleskine system, custom-designed for the needs of the student. If you’re freelancing between classes, this system might be for you.
Hyalineskies’ GTD Moleskine. Very well documented construction process with photos. One of the more popular GTD Moleskine mods.
Shahine’s GTD Moleskine System. Designed to easily integrate with GTD technology.

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