Wednesday, July 30, 2008


THAT IS Intellectual Properties, had some of the most informative speakers of all including Ricky Anderson, Yolanda Adams and the counsel for Maya Angelou. They talked about a new gold rush in IP.

Yet there was another school of thought directed at the election of Obama and the Voting Rights act enforcement necessitating 3-4 weeks of volunteer time for OBAMA

Wow where can I start. Well according to my relevance barometer which rules out BS, between the YOUNG Lawyers and the OLD Guard, the community as a whole is in better hands with the legal profession than with the medical. There was substantial rhetoric directed towards the particulates of powerlessness and the potential for restoration of the community. This is assumed to jeopardize the personal gain and recognition by peers. I wish the NMA had such a progressive and pro-poor stance. We just have not got out of self for the most part to talk about free care as the lawyers are talking about taking pro-bono cases. I guess there is a difference in the malpractice exposure.

After going to the Young Lawyer Section of the NBA and hearing about some of the people that had to be worked around, it is obvious that the mandate was for community from the jump. Thank God for each presiding member which continued the mandate set forth by the author of part of the history-JUNIUS W. WILLIAMS

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