Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Revelation: Eschatology

Yes this is the book of the month of July. We are scheduled for the 5th chapter but let me give some highlights as they relate to the preamble to this chapter to give it a contextual relevance possibly to current events. I will give these as time allows, but first a word to the most of us.

Chapters 2 (14-18)

Churches are described as to their good and bad activities with the good being mentioned first as well as the cure for the bad. I have often thought of the churches describing individuals also with a personality for each "spirit" if you will of individuals that compose the church. Last to first
1. Laodicia - Speaker (Jesus) introduced as Amen, faithful and true witness, the beginning of the creation. Amen is the Greek 281, more of Holy Spirit speaking of Jesus as promised by Him on the earth.
Lukewarm, covetous and with thought of being rich, yet actually poor miserable,blind and naked
The cure = chastening or the refining fire which in the crucible develops fine gold
The result is buying what my mother says is sense " no sense like bought sense" a wisdom of sorts through the pain of the chastisement. This will result in a cure of sorts for the blindness, nakedness and its shame but last but not least the deception of riches while actually poor and deceived.

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