Wednesday, July 9, 2008

GTD II - from the pen of Shahine

Moleskine Pocket Ruled Notebook - From Shahine click below on their link. This is a classic case of advertising media. Like Brad Pit drinking a Coke. Please note the Czar ref that gives even application to the $0.99 store!. I will review these in more depth as time allows.

This notebook goes everywhere with me. I've obviously read all the Hacks out there, and have taken some and applied them to my notebook. This notebook is primarily for my "Life" since I use my PC so heavily at Work, and use the Outlook Task list for my Actions. I've organized the notebook into 4 sections. I divide the book in half and I place the first Avery Write-On Tabs there. The first section of the notebook is for Next Actions. In the Next Actions section I label pages with Contexts like @Calls, @Home etc. From the middle and for the next 10 pages I have Projects, then Someday List, then Reference. In the Someday section I have a page for my Wish List and then my Blog Post list. In the Reference section I place any reference info like the Caltrain schedule, our Microsoft shuttle schedule, a map of the Redmond Campus, Flight info etc.
Then I turn the notebook horizontally and vertically and that is where I write my generic Notes or where I dump stuff. Things I would normally write on a post it and then lose track of later. So think of it like this:
(1 - 96) : Next Actions
A page each for @Calls, @Errands, @Home etc. I use one page per context, and then I move to the next free page when it's filled.
(97 - 107) : Projects
For a list of all my active projects.
(107 - 117) : Someday
A page for my Wish List
A page for my Blog Posts list
(192 - 127) : Notes/Dump
this section starts from the back of the notebook and works it's way in.
I can't tell you how amazing it is to just have this thing around to immediately write things down. It gives me a lot of control in my life and makes it quite fun.

I keep the pen strapped to the top of my notebook. I also keep a Bart card, a New York metro card, some stamps and a $20 bill in my secret hidden Moleskine pocket.

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