Tuesday, April 22, 2008

LOW PROTEIN DIET - LPD? 2B OR NOT 2B a SEASONAL Vegetarian or fasting individual

Albumin and health
This will be the first of what I hope is many contributions to the thought process of the thinking. It will address the possibility that we do not consider the possibility that we take our health, hence our body function for granted. Breathing, Heart beat, limb function, speaking, elimination of wastes, and liver function are examples. We will do our best to deal with a cursory view of liver function and of albumin production physiology today.

In 1978 it was assumed that we would not do surgery on people who displayed a certain level of diminution in albumin, due to the data being so strong that it was not good. The people with diminished albumins did not do well after surgery. The data showed that those with a diminished albumin (less than 2.5) did not do well after surgery. Many pre-ops should include this value.

One question is how is the albumin produced? Where is it produced?. You guessed if the liver. Yes and it is produced within the liver from Amino Acid building blocks.
One real question is why is it important? Well ,it maintains the blood pressure by literally performing a magnet function for fluids. This pressure (a sucking pressure ) is called ONCOTIC PRESSURE. It pulls into the vessel the fluids of the body AND maintains this pressure with the heart the blood pressure. It also carries arround certain hormones.

There are 3 major ways for it to be lower than it should be 1. Decreased function from poor liver function (eg hepatitis) or poor liver production due to a challenged nutrition (poor protein intake). 2. The other way is for abnormal elimination from the kidneys (nephrotic syndrome, and poor glomerular function period.) 3. And finally increased catabolism (burning up)
A recent study of retrospective nature compared two groups of people and got their expected result. Namely when you start with people that have a lower baseline serum albumin level you get a less than optimal result in your outcomes from that group (more hospitalization, poorer dialysis outcomes).

While reading this article, think of the distinct possibility that it was written to get you to pay attention to your body function before it goes bad. Would a Low Protein Diet be good for your RENAL FUNCTION before your kidneys become dysfunctional. This is the question to ask. Is a LPD good for optimal renal function maintenance?

When we are addicted to certain things food, people, alcohol and drugs, our thought process does not bring us to consider the possibility that being unselfish to yourself also is a good thing and avoiding that person place or thing may be good for the you of the future. To get out of self is the key which is the basis of certain self-help groups. This allows us to be good to the person that exists in the future , namely us, instead of living dangerously (speeding in cars, motorcycles in Houston , scary movies, drinking , drugging, exposure to HIV)

Those that have exposed themselves to danger have included certain musicians who strictly warned against the use of certain substances. Bird was heard to say to Leo Parker " Whatever you think do not think that shooting dope will make you play better". Yet the environment included drug sales and some even shot up two are more drugs while drinking which was particularly dangerous to the liver.

On the other hand there are countless examples (Billy, Alice, Carrol) who by being a loving wife increased the longevity of the person who was addicted by removing them from a perpetual actualization within the drug culture.

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