Monday, April 14, 2008

Alonzo Peters Group with Don Wilkerson

Now another master in a different way is Don Wilkerson. Peters Productions did the same thing for Don Wilkerson as Grady Gaines did for Joe Medwick and Sambucas did for James Clay. We attempted to keep artists alive by affirming them with work that payed. New York was too much to deal with to stay alive. Work stomps out the possibility of a frustrated artist.

It is amazing how the green monster played a part in the stories about Don from the Dallas sax players. The movie Ray with the saxaphone player depicted as "Fathead Newman" was more about Don Wilkerson than the actual David "Fathead" Newman.

Given the other musicians and the Houston society in general there was a lot of callous between the poor and the rich and especially the poor alcoholic and the rich one. I am beginning to find out that this is the result of the picking order of the professional class and their thoughts of musicians.

In spite of this we worked Don regularly at Jazz at Pizzazz with Tulie Evans as the producer. We have video documenting this .

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