Monday, April 21, 2008

Best LAID plans of mice and men.

I just simply want to say one thing. Do not lay your plans down. While they are laying, there is the assumption that you are expendable or replaceble for a cheaper price. If on the other hand, you write your plans down and exercise them after you exorcise yourself, you can begin to expect results as opposed to and outcome of rodents of darkness eating them up AFTER THEY HAVE BEEN LAID .

This actualization is still in relationship to actions that are altruistic and beneficial to someone other than yourself. Otherwise you will be setting up yourself to "get laid" on the altar of a false god . The truth is universal and applicable to you, me and others. How else can we have our JOy (J ESUS, O THERS, y ou?

After much deliberation and prayer, and due to the myopic views of all involved including me
Jarbari WILL NOT BE performing with us on the Houston Festival. We have had conversation pertaining to this.

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