Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Joe Medwick Veasey

Alonzo Peters MD producer CEO Kimberly Records

To Sir Shamblis, thank you for the flick

Black Top had nothing to do with the recording initially of If I Don't Get Involved. It was the preparation and grace of God that allowed Peters' Productions with I. J. GOSEY, HERMAN "HONK" HAWKINS, Willie Picket and Joe Nettles (who introduced me to Joe in 1977) with Grady Gaines to go from Gurlick Sound to Believers Studio suggested by Naomi in Dallas Tx.Houston had given up on Joe and called him "washed out".

Floyd Arceneaux wrote the heck out of a HORN LINE. Everyone played especially the late Keith Anderson (boy do I miss his spirit) who blew off the top of the register just as clear as possible as he did with Prof Conrad Johnson when I played Baritone sax with him. A part of Houston died when these trumpet players died. I may have used Jimmy Walker and Nelson Mills III also for arrangements and seesion work.Joe NEVER said anything negative about Don Robey. It was all good in his relationship with Joe and it was "nobodies business" what happened to the songs in Joe's opinion. " Mr. Robey took care of me" is what I can hear Joe say over 30 years later after he told the story.for records tapes

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