Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tumor Necrosis Factor

Too much of something can kill you. This was never as true for this "hormone" of sorts that is involved in the destruction of cells. The problem is once it is turned on, it is difficult to regulate if we are infected by something.

To make matters worst its counterpart TGF is involved in cancer.

Nevertheless it is imperative that I inform you of this ultimate killer that if in the nanomolar range becomes too concentrated, due to a lack of water to dilute it or poor circulation , can kill. This has been the classic problem involved in death of people from the time of Adam. It is involved with everything from LEPROSY TO LUPUS TO LUES TO THE LITTLE NAME DISEASE (AIDS) It is a grim reaper of sorts, yet necessary for tumor removal and dead cell removal.

It is under the Good Lord's control. It is out of control when we have the metabolic syndrome (high cholesterol, blood pressure and sugar). Cure = exercise, proper diet and water drinking in as many days as it took you to aquire the syndrome.

The medicine described below regulates the production of TNF and its "oxy" component is reported to work also in the production of red cells refractory to stimulation by a growth factor named erythorpoietin in Renal Failure.

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