Monday, August 18, 2008

On OH and OPCR: Taking it personal, Mr. President that they want you GONE B4 you GO into the White House? I would!

A Theory : OPCR (Other People's Capital ReInvestors) vs. OH Obama haters being the same entity

Roosevelt had the same enemy. So did JFK. Know your enemy and out think them! Pray for them. Do not let Hillary pole JACK SQUAT. It is a trick. How can a leopard change its spots from being republican to Democrat. What difference does it make? Change the rules for it to happen after the nomination.

It is amazing what you find if you are not looking.

The opinion below reflects the source of the problem with those who are not willing to carry their share, because of greed and avoidance of taxes secondary to stealing and coveting .
People making money off of OPC (Other People's Capital) , which was/is generated due in part to capital generated from the free human capital source of slavery, "churches",non-profits, universities, or voluntary service organizations.
To take without giving back is a trait of the adversary whose days of existence and world domination are close to ending, thanks to Jesus coming back.

Suffice it to say that this week was not conducive or supportive of general investor confidence on Wall Street. The news was, however, supportive for the two most popular precious metals, both of which tested technical support levels and support won the contest.
With Barack Obama now the apparent democratic nominee for president, fear of much higher income and capital gains taxes to come in 2009 showed up in earnest. Tax avoidance selling may escalate and remains one of the headwinds stock markets in the U.S. must deal with between now and at least November.
Long-term profits from capital gains are currently subject to a 15% rake by Uncle Sam. As mentioned before in this report, the fear on the street is that income and capital gains tax rates are going up big if the Dem-Nom actually becomes POTUS (president of the United States). Investment counsellors, fund and portfolio managers and individual investors probably don’t fear the tax increase itself as much as they fear the FEAR that kind of thing causes in financial markets.
The markets won’t be selling off so much because of the perception that income taxes will be going higher in 2009. That’s bad news, but not what money managers fear. They will be selling off because of the perception that other people will be selling because of that. Because of the fear that the markets will go much lower because of it. That fear is the kind that feeds on itself. As it does it could perversely play right into the camp of the future, socialist-leaning tax raisers.

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