Thursday, August 14, 2008

Open letter to Philip Yeo and all the other YO YO'S. The King's NEW CLOTHES

An open letter to Phillip Yeo and all who are in the US utilizing US public funds to provide research monies to Stem Cell Research, and those within the US who fake public and run private for profit.

This action is similar to that in the past of a king. He listened to a couple of hustlers who convinced him that he needed a change of clothing. They "fashioned" the clothes and told him he looked good. Meantime they told him to fire his other advisors and supress the press who would have taken pictures and allowed for other people to tell him he was naked and stinky in rebellion. Everyone in the domain was afraid to tell the king within the court for fear of death, accept a younger guy in the kingdom as the king in pride paraded around. I am that young at heart guy .

It is by God’s grace that I again report of my invention of a database in Immunology and revelation that there are immunologic etiologies to all diseases. There have been major experiments performed and therapies fashioned including monoclonal antibodies to TNF. The theory is now amended to include one that does not vary from the existing body of evidence that exists in the INDEX MEDICUS, to explain the cell to blastocyst to differentiation mystery that he is seeking. I have had challengers who attack me in violation of anti-trade laws within the US, including those led by "hit men" in the DEA and IRS.

After reading about the billions that Phillip Yeo and researchers within the US are spending and have spent in Indonesia at Biopolis and the US (eg Stanford University, Texas Medical Center and Texas A and M), and realizing that God does not lie, the Lord has revealed to me the key to the coordination of preexisting information that Phillip Yeo and others are paying billions to reveal. The key to the mystery has already been revealed in the billions of words previously digested into the INDEX MEDICUS. The deciphering of the mystery will require the intelligence of deciphering. Similar to Einstein's quantum and theory of relativity with subatomic theories which led to the discovery a force which killed and provided energy, the future of medical discovery will be revealed through a new "theorized" paradigm. The theory to discovery will only help due to their reduced cost and availability to the public.


What are Yeo and others are really doing? They are being hoodwinked for billions. This is a public service announcement. They will never achieve the peer reviewed results of success that they are seeking until they are coordinated, despite the mammoth expenditures. The answer to their questions will not be revealed by those considered wise who charge him billions. Those sell-outs are merely turning him into the tricks that they are. The have already been revealed and must be deciphered as Spiritual. The answers will be revealed by prayer through the one true living God as they were to an imprisoned and condemned Joseph in Egypt centuries ago.

I am willing to accept a ticket to Indonesia on the behalf of humanitarian causes to explain to him the mysteries. It will not cause him billions for me to reveal to him my proprietary secrets. I will bring my band as a bonus on a world tour. Only a few millions with guarantees based on productivity and scholarship guarantees for my people and a team from Indonesia starting with the “least of these”. I will not accept any prostitute associated deals. It is for this reason that I was born and saved by the Lord Jesus Christ.

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