Tuesday, June 17, 2008

War on Drugs

Justice Department, IRS and DEA and citizens of Texas who I love but who do not love me. Take a Chill pill if you are waiting for me to say I did something that I did not do.

Most of the time I am doing what I like to do, that is what you may know …teach. Well even if I do not teach actively, my love promotes my hope which stimulates my faith to know that no matter what happens to me, a thought expressed in writing may promote an action on the part of another individual who may move another in a chain reaction of love that perpetuates itself in kind throughout generations countries and the world.

The thought for today is that even though my enemy who happens to be paid by the Justice Department and the DEA who I believe also is funded by them, needs prayer. They sometimes present a one sided, and premature picture to the public through television, electronic and print media that an individual or a group is a criminal. This obviates the need for a legal action of buying the property of said individual. By making them a criminal the said individual or group no longer have the respect of the community. The individual for the most part as a criminal gives up his /her basic right of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness which was not meant for anybody of darker hue than the Clintons. Yet when there is a differentiation of that item that is taken, we can rest assured that there is a smell of something in the kitchen that should not be there. This is my case. Those that should be on my side or insisting that I become chattel and join the 7.2 million people of color in the system

There continues to be a major problem with the arguments sent forth namely the absence of any argument that this should not happen, by friends (fair weather, whether or not, “church” members associates and the like), unless there is a vested interest in the negative outcome for the individual or group.

I never would believe it until I experienced it that my punishment starts before I have been given a trial. I am guilty before charged due to a jacked up investigation. Yet all the evidence that has been collected does not reflect the nature of the activity that went on, namely good medical care for the most part, not any thing less.

Give me back my charts, life and the money you owe me for things stolen. You can keep the rest. I will chalk anything else to the game.

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