Saturday, June 21, 2008

Preacher Man Roll your Mercedes window down.......

I need to write about this. I was getting off the bus in the Galleria area headed to get a smoothy at you know where. Well, I saw this short dude with glasses on about 58ish who was obviously intimidating this girl about 27 or so. Both were in a dance of sorts exiting at the door near the Cheese Cake Factory, you know. Well the dude is quick firing questions at the girl as they approached me within hearing distance.

Him: “See ! Do you know that fat dude?
Her: “No I do not know that player”
(referring to me not even nodding)

Him: “See, you know that he is a player. You don’t know him?
Her: “ No I do not know everybody, I just spoke to someone else who spoke to me?

The fact of the matter is that I did not know the girl but after my musicians voice analysis got to working I realized who the dude was. A preacher of a major church who does major preaching, and speaking in major tongues and the like who lost my respect in a major way in the Galleria for the second time.

Nuff said I have prayed about him and it

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