Thursday, June 19, 2008

SRI by definition a Socially Responsible Investment (deposit ), not a Personal Irresponsible Withdrawl:

a Juneteenth Manifesto

A Mission Statement and call to arms

Those that are classically considered consumers, in a pathologic sense, are individuals and families who for the most part have an ancestral legacy of being disconnected or amputated from the thought of being integral to the production of capital for the community especially at the time of and since Reconstruction. To this group which I have been a part of, Capitalism has been sometimes a vague and foreign term.

At the time that we should be expected to be producing we consume and are hypnotized and prodded into an attitude of consumption as opposed to production as sin qua non evidence of our self worth. Even though our ancestral legacy is one that historically provided for production, via free labor as capital, to our country and community, the thought of being a part of producing a product or service for that community can be for the most part foreign to us because we get amputated from the thought that production is tied to community and community to production for the longevity and survival of the community.

Although the labor was necessary for the industrial revolution, we have been amputated mentally and emotionally from an attitude of a producer of a good or service into that of a consumer of the aforementioned. This produces a lack of self worth and continuance of hopelessness to consider our only self worth to be that of a consumer. This is the predominant opportunity that we are offered. There is no connection or thought of community as a resource for capital development and hence an amputation of love for the community. Some of this thought planting has been an error of omission of fact and some has been an outright deception on the part of a system that benefits from consumers as opposed to producers within the context of community. The goal of connecting personal to community goal achievement contextually is not taught and hence not thought and hence not acted upon. In fact we are taught to be in contest with individual community (including family) members to display conspicuous consumption or display conspicuous "spiritual gifts" as opposed to putting personal goals in context to community and being quiet. The personal goal to community profit context. ratio is greater than one, whereas it should be a fraction thereof. That is if earth, America, state, and local development, church and hence survival can occur, there must be an inverted ratio. The opposite is the result.

We as citizens of this ignorance in the US are tossed to and fro with a primary goal of being consumers only without regard to the community context, and then show off in the community our blessings regardless of how we procurred them. We are passively taught that consumerism is the primary goal, purpose, direction and manifestation of success. There is no care for the community or perspective of personal gain that is thought of as being in perspective to that community. A separation or amputation of personhood from community occurs. We ask not what we can do for our community in product or service but translate what our community to do for us, based on taught worldly marketing, and business principles.

This amputation has been accentuated by the War on Drugs which has perpetuated a disconnection and amputation between an attitude of a desire for community development and the love of community versus a desire for personal gain which is a result of instinctual self preservation drive accentuation and associated with a lack of self-worth. A myth of material worth over spiritual development has occurred and been perpetuated by it, with error thought internal drives of entitlement envy and resentment. The aforementioned is a result of media , poor parenting and peer-group perpetuation of the myth of personal consumption power as an end in itself as opposed to product/service development with the needs of the community being paramount.

The products consumed include drugs and alcohol which do nothing but anesthetize the truth. Instead of a prioritization of community need being met which would ultimately allow for personal fulfillment, the personal goal of consumption is sought by any means necessary at the expense of the good of community. The institutions that exist in the world today including the military industrial and the educational-correctional merely prepare people to continue with the perpetuation of the amputation of community versus personal fulfillment . The personal/community ratio is high and growing. The prophesized politico-religious fornication/adultery is also rapidly approaching an equal footing with respect to it perpetuating a contradiction between what it should be doing for community development and spiritual development and the actuality of small fiefdoms that reveal religious impotence.

There is not a diminishing opportunity for personal development and contribution to the community. Only a diminished marketing of the opportunities. Electronic media provides and increase in opportunity . This may be due to a parasitic passivity as an attitude secondary to an emotional fix, at the expense of an attitude of being made whole and given to a community. A great commission has become a “small” omission. There is not a desire to pass on the good news of opportunities for training then service. Consumer Capital desires to propagate the opportunities and news.

Consumer Capital’s mandate has been and is to concentrate on the consumer and assist in an operation to reattach the community as a personal goal of an individual to realize his/her true capital in relationship to the community. The instruction that helped included taking classes at the University of Missouri in 1970 (Life and Literature of the OLD TESTAMENT and two College of Biblical Studies in 1996 in classes under professor Kenneth Bolton in faith based community development, and last but not least teaching Sunday school since 1987. The goal has been reached by the production of educational multimedia devices and their development.

It will start at the pre-school level to begin to educate the individual to the necessity on revisiting the principles that this country was built upon prior to the introduction of slavery and the desire to compete with being as continental as Great Britain, and end in the church with the elderly.

The hemorrhage caused by the loss of the integrity of the hand vessels previously involved with predominant personal goal parasitism over community will be repaired. This will heal the misinterpretation of the "curse of the land for your sake " statement in Genesis 3 and the projection of the curse upon Black people when there was not a curse in the first place, placed upon man! (Only the ground was cursed prior to improper parenting and education to the WORD from Adam to Cain.). The desire to work is a blessing from man and given by God as an alternative to the mess-up in the Garden. There will not be a need for "you cursed me and I will curse you back attitude".

This repair will occur in the following order:

(Consumer Capital is soliciting a group of individuals to participate in a worldwide campaign to participate as volunteers of goods and services to help implement this program. Please call 713-882-7209, See send to self below

1. Holistic personal/community goal development of body, soul and spirit. This should begin with forgiveness of an ancestor who enslaved. This would also start a process of increased self worth. The accentuation of the need for the three R’s as they articulate with community as a resource for continued personal development will be emphasized. Product service professionals will be brought in to talk to the young people beginning at the pre-school level. It will be introduced during curricular, after-school, extracurricular and summer programs.

2. Holistic personal/community idea development with a product or service as the goal. This is an introduction

3. Holistic education (see digital article below) of the consumption personal/community available resources in relationship to how they can develop. Both negative and positive examples will be given. (e.g. drugs/prostitution versus thoughts/inventions of non-oil energy sources like electric bikes)

4. Holistic personal/community product/service development

5. Communication/context as to 1- 4 above in its relationship to a redefinition of what capital truly is, with a community perspective. All this will consider a perspective of personal/community ratio which should diminish.

6. Application of 1-5

7. Three tier evaluation as to what has been accomplished with respect to 1-6

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