Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Apolitical and Colorless


We know that someone who has a 5 milliion dollar winery would not declare alcohol as a terroristic threat. Neither would she associate beer consumption with criminal activity or murderous activity. Yet, a big beer company is for sale. The agenda of profit greed at tax-payers expense is apolitical and colorless. Some are getting out of the game. Instead of selling guns and liquor to the Indians to defeat them, our complete infrastucture in our youth is led to slaughter by the sexualization and marketing of drinking at home, in ads and everywhere else. It is an issue of a terroristic threat from within.

I know where a presidential candidate would have to stand on alcohol consumption. This is why both candidates were seen guzzling and shotting. Between tax revenues and loss of stock gains the presence of a snowballs chance in hell is more likely than a congressional, senate, judicial and executive cooperative to declare liquor as unpatriotic and requiring a medical professional's OK.
Nuff said?

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