Tuesday, October 21, 2008


You gotta love it. Love your church. Jesus loved you like this!

Even if you would rather be fishing or in a ministy wtih limelight of the church. YOU could complain all day about being neglected, not having your cash donations counted, egregious ingratitude of the leadership, members borrowing money with no intent on paying back, false teaching, support of the enemy (spouse in divorce), not getting any support during a season of being poor in Spirit, defending past leadership mistakes, more attention to outside ministries than to those that you are in in his church, promising to marry daughter and then backing out, and over all treating you as an enemy of Christ.
There may have been a major scandal involving the leadership and you without fail took up for him whcih cost you. You may have a member of his fraternity and your church literally treat you as a heathen and deny your ministry. Remember what happened to Jesus. If it happened to him, guess what?
It is not about you but about those you serve, the kids in the case of youth ministry.

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