Monday, October 13, 2008

Jai Fatigue!

I letter sent to a journalist.

Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF) is the cytokine (inflammatory culprit) that causes a vasodilation in the face of similar cardiac output. In other words there is less blood going to the brain ( a brain is sensitive to less than 20% of the cardiac output per minute).
This is ultimately where fatigue is felt This fatigue can also be caused by pump failure. Fatigue is a subtle sign of heart dysfunction. This is what is experienced in coronary insufficiency experienced by most senior adults who do not do moderate exercise.
The key is to do work in the garden, walk in the mall, ride a bike in the sun, swim ,
play tennis in moderation in order to encourage the growth of collateral coronary vessels (other than the left anterior main descending , right and circumflex coronary vessels ).
The mitochondria function optimally under conditions of immediate reduction (Vitamin C = stongest reducting agent = electron giving vasodilation ) where the process of oxidation (electron transfer by taking) takes place. Glutathione reserves also function to buffer this process. They do function to perform energy manufacturing
It just so happens that TNF is also responsible for that collateral growth of coronary vessels

I have a proprietary database that I would be more than willing to give information of in order to give you the slant on ANY medical condition . My condition is that all dysfunctional medical conditions are related to cytokines and inflammation and or lack of control of said inflammation. It is the inflammation within the coronary vessels that leads to plaque formation within the coronary vessels , and strokes in the basilar, and carotid arteries. It is the lack of normal inflammation that disallows tumor surveillance and growth formation.

First check out all details sent as to verify their authenticity in this and other articles. You can use Google and my software( I will give you a password) whenever you wish, because you appear to be a servant of the people. Thank you again.


Alonzo Peters MD

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