Monday, September 1, 2008

Books on measuring Cytokines: HELP IS ON THE WAY

Highlights include: methods for microchip electrophoresis for DNA separation; fabrication of porous polymer monoliths in microfluidic chips for selective nucleic acid concentration and purification; rapid electrical lysis of bacterial cells in a microfluidic device; anon-chip bioassay that uses immobilized sensing bacteria in a three-dimensional microfluidic network; and impedimetric detection forDNA hybridization within microfluidic biochips. Molecular diagnostic and immunologic protocols include microchip-based enumeration of human white blood cells; microchip diagnosis of cervical cancer; protocols for DNA microchips toward molecular signatures in cervical cancer; a microchip based assay for Interleukin-6; and methods for microchip-based electrochemical enzyme immunoassays. Several chapters are devoted to topics in microarray technology, including: applications of functional protein microarrays; allergen microarrays for the diagnosis of specific IgE in a multiplex biochip-based immunoassay;protein-array based multiplexed cytokine assays; and lectin microarraysfor glycoprotein assays.

I trust that my invention is stolen and that mankind is helped. It will require more bioassays of a greater degree of cytokines and their RECEPTORS

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