Friday, May 2, 2008


A relatively recent amalgamation which will eventuate in product. We are a work in progress. I have assumed teaching responsibilities for a fee. When each party has matured musically a potential for renumeration exists. We have 2 entitites that are able to be paid at this time which are the latter 2.

1. Spoken word 2. instrumental vocal performance 3. writing arranging and playing . Anything outside of these categories will be treated as contract labor and may have an apprentice status that will require payment with one of the others. Mean time the breakdown in a fair sense will be 9 -39- 52 , once the component i has reached journeyman status as evidenced by test and the vote of the other 2 enntities. (Breakdown of Streetsoldier(s) initial Gigs renumeration when apprenticeship has been completed for the 1 entitiy.) Peters' Productions will be broken down as follows:

0.3 + 85 + 14.7 % of net gain which will include profits form AMIE, archives ect distibuted to the 3 groups as listed sequentially above (spoken, instumental/performance, arrangement/performance).

At this time teaching will include Phase I instrumental lessons and theoryI taught by me, Theory and keyboard II will be taught by Terry Thomas as students present. I will be his first student.

Jarbari on the other hand may teach art and or t-shirt manufacturing and graphics. Long term goal is for grant application and sales of franchises.

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