Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Decreased Kidney Function in Post menopausal women taklng estrogens

I freely give as I have freely recieved from God as a gift due to His giving of His only begotten. Yet I needed to be beggotten out of darkness myself. I had to be delivered from the spirit of other 'spirits" that come in certain bottles and cans and dried goods. I now have an addiction to Roman Noodles. I like the shrimp pecante. I was upset when they went up at the 99 cent store from 25 to 29 cents! Is this healthy ? No!

Nevertheless I need to give you something hot off the press. Oral estrogens in post-menopausal women are causing renal failure. Please consult the article as yet published by

Kidney International

Oral estrogen therapy in postmenopausal women is associated with loss of kidney function
Sofia B Ahmed1,2, Bruce F Culleton1,2, Marcello Tonelli2,3, Scott W Klarenbach2,3, Jennifer M MacRae1,2, Jianguo Zhang1,2 and Brenda R Hemmelgarn1,2
Women are generally protected against progressive loss of kidney function; however, this advantage seems to diminish with menopause. Because of conflicting reports on the association between use of hormone therapy and kidney function we studied 5845 women (1459 on hormone therapy and 4386 non-users) who were over 66 years of age and had at least 2 serum creatinine measurements during the 2 year study period. After adjustment for covariates, hormone use (estrogen-only, progestin-only, or both) was associated with a significant loss of estimated GFR as the primary outcome along with an increased risk of rapid loss of kidney function as the secondary outcome compared to non-users. This increased rate of loss was associated with oral but not transvaginal estrogen use. An increased cumulative dose of estrogen was also associated with a greater decline in estimated GFR. Our study shows an independent association in a dose-dependent manner of estrogen use and loss of kidney function in this elderly population.
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