Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I am blessed with what I thought was discernment on a spiritual level. Well I am unless I let my emotion creep in as evidenced of the last few wives. Well guess what had to go?. The same thing is true for a diagnosis. Given a good doctor and a good exam you can discern a group of symptoms to come up with a diagnosis. What would prove better would be to avoid the thing that is causing the cancerous growth when it is at the two or less cellular stage. Such dietary changes as low fat/ no sugar would avoid /prevent and treat some early dysfunctions of immuno- surveillance, as well as diminish cardiovascular mishaps (MI/Stroke) This is the job of the cancer markers of the future to come up with. This is another case against fossil fuels. One can avoid cancer in some cases by avoiding coming into contact with them. This will be the next “ cigarette Harm” for the lawyers to run up big bills for themselves in class action suits.

Nevertheless, we do have certain cancer markers that can point one to a suspicion of growths that are not supposed to be there CEA, for GI, PSA and . The question is what do you do with the information? At this point would there be any benefit other than enrichment of HMO/ hospital CEOs to surgery , radiotherapy or chemotherapy ? Would there be any benefit to anything else.

Not if you did not know about it!

Immunotherapy with vaccines, receptor blockers, and cytokine manipulation does hold out much hope, especially for the leukemias, and for pancreatic and renal cancers.. There is hope on the way. Pray for the medical-industrial syndrome including the state medical boards and pro-consumer group participants and that we learn to avoid exposure to carcinogens similar to the best cure for HIV in avoiding the virus that causes disease.

Peters MD 5-12-08

Here from a recent article and in bold 3 new markers ( found including one dealing with glutathione.) TRIM 63 glutathione S-transferase A1 and alanyl aminopeptidase are the three enzymes. Such things as radio-tagging and MRI may give the answer quicker.

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