Saturday, November 1, 2008

SPACE TIME CONTINUUM. My lesson 2B taught Today (written for 11-2-08. Since God says the same.

Brentwood Baptist

Honors 9-10th Grade Study

Unit: Follow the Leader
Lesson: Telephone (Gossip) Game
Biblical Truth You must believe in Jesus Christ’s resurrection 2B SAVED
Scripture: Romans 10: 1-15,
Life Question: How do I get saved
Youth Director: Ronda Robinson
Minister Connection: Rev. Mary Frazier
Teachers: Deacon Carlton Burrell, Hollis Walls, Eula Brantley

1. Prayer
2. Affirmation: I need a Personal Relationship (PR) with Jesus Christ. I need Relationship and not religion, the head knowledge (first step) of which is given by His Word. I need PR because I have an enemy at enmity with my God. My enemy and my personal adversary uses people to create a false and negative press against me and a feeling of inferiority, utilizing false teaching including legalism, saying that I am unworthy of God’s love , because of what I have done under the influence of the world, satan and his imps tools and devices including drugs, alcohol, and religious church folk. This helps to help create a feeling of unworthiness against me in my mind (where I think = first step) . Whether I am White, green, blue Yellow or Black (the source of all color) the enemy creates a feeling of inferiority with his “press” since Adam ate of the forbidden fruit of what I or my race has done. The knowledge of good and evil against me came into me me by first having a thought (first step) of being good or evil, even though I was created by HIM to do only good for Him. I need the knowledge of Jesus Christ (first Step) and a free will (second step) to chose and ask for the Holy Spirit to empower me, and in order for me to actualize into a mature functioning person FOR Jesus Christ eventually regardless of my age (third step)
Before the world was formed God ELECTED me AND ADOPTED ME (if I am saved believing Jesus died for my sins and was raised) to do good works for Him. My salvation is not of my works but God expects me to work after I am saved. He knew me before I was formed in my mother’s womb and that I would need to be adopted into His family. Jesus' death, blood and resurrection allowed this to happen. He knew, in spite of what I am going through now that there would be a glorification of God in my works, but that I needed to become saved first then go through a process of redemption, thanks to Jesus BLOOD. There are no things that I can do without salvation and the equipping and empowerment of the Holy Spirit who Jesus has supplied for me. I need to submit myself daily to HIS WORD AND HIS WAY of HUMILITY strengthening my personal relationship with him and praying without ceasing. I look forward to strengthening my relationship with Jesus by reading my Word of God, confessing my sin, and praying for others then myself in love.
3.Games: Gossip, Hangman-one Word winner takes all. Definition (SANCTIFICATION, PROCESS, CATHEXIS) Dominoes Review- Discuss Adam, sin, you and Dominoes.
4. REVIEW Transforming MIND(RoMans 8:5-13), Adoption Confirmation (:14-17), Prayer HELP (:26-27)
5.Sword Drill, OT, NT
6. Lesson
7.Prayer / Dismissal

a. peters MD, teaching assistant copyright 2008 Peters’ Productions

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