Saturday, November 1, 2008

Mathemetics of Stevie's Genius

A. INTRo Bass 2 Bars
B. Interlude –PEDDLE BASS voice Dodo do do do do do
Do do dodo do dodo
Dodo dodo do do 4 bars REPEAT A B

C. song

I'm too high
I'm too high
But I ain't touched the sky …….

( REPEAT A 2 bars Bass to C 2 bars)

1st verse

She's a girl in a dream
She sees a four eyed cartoon monster on the T.V. screen
She takes another puff and says "

It's a crazy scene" that red is green
And she's a tangerine

C , A Too high then A. bass (repeat)

I'm too high
I'm too high
But I ain't left the ground

Repeat A (bass ) 2 bars

I'm too high
I'm too high
I hope I never ever come down

repeat A 2 bars

Second verse
She's the girl in her life.
But her world's a superficial paradise.
She had a chance to make it big more than once or twice.
But no dice.
She wasn't very nice

REPEAT A (Bass) 4 bars then B 2 bars ------- SOLOS on base VAMP go back to B after solos (interlude do do)

I'm too highI'm too highI can't ever touch the sky

I'm too highI'm so highI feel like I'm about to die

A. Bass 2 bars

She's a girl of the past. I guess that I got to her at last.
A did you hear the news about the girl todayS
he passed away
What did her friend say

Bass A climb 2 bars each chromatically (option)
They said she's too highToo highCan't hang around anyway...
Bass A 2 bars to B interlude --End

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